State Representative Candidate Bill Beck Officially Kicks Off His Campaign With Good Food, Good Music, Great Old And New Friends

MADISON - INGLEWOOD - OLD HICKORY - NASHVILLE PRESS:  May 5, 2014:  It had all of the down-home flavor of a Mayberry RFD get-together with a touch of 'politickin' tossed in when Bill Beck officially kicked off his campaign for State Representative of District 51 on Thursday, May 1.

Co-hosted by Senator Joe Haynes and The Honorable Barbara Haynes, with other local dignitaries also assuming the hositality role, over 250 people, including individuals and families from all corners of District 51, attended the fun-filled Bluegrass and BBQ event at the historic Amqui Station in the heart of Madison.

Senator Haynes introduced Beck to the crowd, saying, "It seems like just a very few years ago that Barbara and I welcomed a man into our living room who was running for office at the time and wanted our support.  His name is Bob Beck.  He's Bill's father, and from that first introduction to now, I have had the pleasure of watching Bill grow up to become the man he is today."

Said Senator Haynes, "I have watched him rise to president of the chamber.  I have seen him become president of Kiwanis.  Everything this man does, he does well.  Tonight, it is my privilege, as well as Barbara's, to ask for, not only your commitment to vote for him, but your commitment to work for him."

"Everybody here ought to be worth 10 votes.  And the peoSenator Joe Haynes introduces Bill Beck at campaign kick-off event on May 1.ple you know ought to bring in 10 votes apiece, too.  That's how you win elections.  You run your mouth," Senator Haynes stated, drawing more than a few laughs.  "You ask, you ask again, and you don't get discouraged."

In conclusion, Senator Haynes promised, "When we send Bill Beck to the General Assembly, you can count on one thing:  He is going to work for his district.  He is going to take care of Tennessee."

Amid loud applause, Bill Beck thanked Senator Haynes for the warm introduction, saying, "This man has been my mentor.  He served 38 years as state senator, and I want to follow in his footsteps."

Beck continued, "It is such an honor for me to welcome each and every one of you here today.  Some of you I have never met before, and we have just become friends.  Some of you changed my diapers," another statement which earned some chuckles."

"If someone asks you, 'Why should I vote for Bill Beck?', what you need to tell them is, 'First, he is committed to this community.'  All of my adult life, I have worked in this district.  My dad has been a broker in the real estate business for over 50 years.  My mom has practiced law in the district for over 25 years.  We are a part of the fabric of the community, all the way from East Tennessee to Inglewood to Madison to Old Hickory."

"I am about people.  My slogan is, 'It's about People, not Politics,' and I mean just that.  I will represent you in the district.  I will always keep you first."

In closing, Bill emphasized, "I am only going to win this election with the help of each of you."  And, without missing a beat, Beck added, "Oh, by the way.  I just got the official word from Judge Higgins that my barbeque is the best!"

With sunny skies giving way to twilight, and with the food and music depleted, new and old friends, still caught up in the spirit of Bill Beck's enthusiastic promise, made commitments of their own as they left the Amqui Station, saying to Bill, "We'll see you at the polls...when we put a check mark beside your name on the ballot.

Additional co-hosts for Bill Beck's Bluegrass & BBQ included:  The Honorable Jo Ann North; The Honorable Steve North; (former Council members) Feller Brown, Jim Forkum, and Jimmy Holt; (present Council members) Anthony Davis, Walter Hunt, Bill Pridemore, and Doug Pardue; (Metro department leaders) Charlie Cardwell, Howard Gentry, George Rooker, Ricky Rooker, and David Smith; (former school board members) Mark North and Gracie Porter; and (current school board member) Jill Speering.

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