State Representative Candidate District 51 Bill Beck Hosts A Meet 'N Greet For Folks In Old Hickory

While the temperatures might have still been soaring in the high 80's register at 5PM on Tuesday, June 17, it was nothing compared to the warm reception Bill Beck received when he welcomed the folks in the Old Hickory area to come and enjoy food, music, and talk at Houston's Armadillo Grill on Donelson Street.

Bill Beck and wife, Pam Beck, welcome folks to the Old Hickory Kick-Off event.Hosted by Friends of Bill Beck for State Representative, including Senator Joe Haynes and former Circuit Court Judge Barbara Haynes, the Kick-Off event sent smells of delicious Mexican dishes and sounds of bluegrass music by Lonnie Jones & Hard Drive wafting through the village and beyod, and residents young and old responded by eagerly stopping by to meet the man who has been working hard to get to know them better and to learn about the concerns that direct their lives.

"The theme that is interwoven into this evening and throughout the days I have spent going door-to-door echoes over and over," said Beck.  "That refrain is this:  'Bill, when you get up there in the House of Representatives, don't forget us.'  I am here today to promise you that I could never forget you...because it is you who will send me to the District 51 seat.  I want to work for you to make great things happen for this community and our neighbors in the district.  My door will always be open to you and your families, because I want to keep the dialogue going about how to make this wonderful community even greater in the coming days."

Beck's next event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 24, in East Nashville at Drifter's Barbeque Restaurant, 1008 Woodland Street.

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