We Have News from the Campaign Trail - Week of July 7, 2014

Today is not just another Monday.  It is another day in the fight to put people before politics in our State Legislature.  In 11 days, voters will start going to the polls to decide who will represent them for another two years.

Bill is a Democrat with a proven track record in our community.  We need YOUR help in the fight to make people not politics the focus of our General Assembly.  We need YOU to help spread Bill's message across the district.

While other candidates say things, Bill is the only candidate who has DONE THINGS in District 51.  Bill grew up here in the district.  He and his family own and operate several small businesses in District 51. 

Bill's deep roots in the community do not end there.  Bill is the former president and member of many civic clubs in District 51, has provided pro bono services at the FiftyForward (Senior) Center in Madison, served on several boards to revitalize our communities, and helped to bring a police precinct to District 51.

Please consider making a contribution to Bill's campaign or getting involved by making phone calls, knocking on doors, and helping with our "Get Out The Vote" efforts!


Thank you.
Team Beck


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