We Have News from the Campaign Trail - Week of July 14, 2014

For Bill Beck, being a Democrat means helping people get things done.  With the extreme politics at the Capitol, Bill is the one Democrat who has already been working hard for our district.

Raised in Madison and Whites Creek, Bill started two businesses here, and he currently practices law in Inglewood.  A lifelong Democrat, Bill is a leader who gets personally involved in helping people all over our community.

  • Bill helped organize the effort to bring a new Police Precinct to our district.
  • Bill initiated college scholarships and book drives as President of the Kiwanis Club of Madison.
  • Bill provided free legal services for seniors at FiftyForward, Madison's senior center, and he continues to do so to date.
  • Bill led the effort to save the historic Amqui Train Depot, and he currently supports small businesses with the Historic East Nashville Merchants.

Bill is the one Democrat who has a proven track record for getting things done, something we desperately need with the Republicans in control of the Capitol.

  • Bill will push to expand property tax relief for seniors.
  • Bill will fight to make sure that women get equal pay for equal work.
  • Bill will lead the fight for universal Pre-K and early childhood education.
  • Bill will fight for tax relief for small businesses that create jobs, not the big corporeations that send jobs overseas.
  • Bill will support access to health care for ALL Tennesseans.

Early voting begins this week!

We need YOU to help spread Bill's message across the district.

Find ways to get involved HERE or make a contibution HERE.

Thank you.


Read this message from Team Beck in its entirety.